No One Is Illegal-Vancouver Statement of Solidarity to the Gathering of the Indigenous Peoples of the Americas

Posted by admin on Oct 8th, 2007

No One Is Illegal Vancouver would like to extend our deep respect and humblest gratitude to the Commission of the Sixth Declaration of the Zapatista National Liberation Army (EZLN) for their proposal to the Organizing Commission of the Gathering of the Indigenous Peoples of the Americas to extend to our group an invitation to this historic gathering this October 2007 in Vicam, Sonora, México.

Although we are unfortunately unable to attend, we know this gathering is hugely significant and will certainly be a powerful and inspiring meeting of indigenous communities, tribes, and nations of the Americas and their trusted allies. We are incredibly honoured to be considered as allies in the struggle for indigenous self-determination and liberation and to have been invited to participate as Observers in this gathering.

As a group, we place ourselves within the broader anti-colonial and anti-capitalist movement of “No One Is Illegal.” We believe that there are no “illegal” immigrants, only illegal colonial governments and inhumane laws. As a movement for self-determination that challenges the ideology inherent to immigration controls, we are in full confrontation with Canadian border policies that perpetuate violence, racism, destitution, and exploitation.

We recognize that the global forces of war and capitalist destruction that are causing the dispossession and migration of millions of immigrants and refugees across the global South, such as the migration of millions from Mexico into the US, are also causing the devastation and conquest of indigenous communities and territories across the Americas. While these colonial borders are being made open to capital through so-called “free trade” agreements, the borders of countries like Canada and the US are being militarized against the people- especially indigenous people of the South, who are being forced off their lands, from their homes, and whose entire lives are being stolen by this system of greed and plunder.

Therefore we strongly believe that our work must always be carried out in solidarity with the struggles for the self-determination of indigenous communities of the Americas.

For those of us who are indigenous to different parts of the Global South, we also extend our hearts as sisters and brothers in the struggle against colonization and imperialism.

To all those in attendance, we extend our warmest greetings and our solidarity in the struggle ahead.

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