Massive Call-in to SkiCan

Posted by admin on Sep 28th, 2004


Thursday, September 30th. 9h00 – 17h00. Skican Limited : 1-800-363-3009

From colonial Canada to the Usurped States, people will be phoning in on the 30th of September to hit Skican where it hurts! Skican Limited is the only distributor of travel packages to Sun Peaks Ski Resort, so they are just as guilty for the racist and violent theft of Secwepemc territories, known as Skwelkwek’welt, land that has never been ceded, released, or surrendered.

Join us as we phone in to disrupt the profiteering off of Native land in one of three (or more!) ways:
1. Ask to make a reservation. Ask lots of questions, find out all the details, plan a two-week trip down to the last meal, and then mention that you heard something about Sun Peaks being stolen land.
2. Ask to make a reservation. Ask questions the call taker won’t know, and then ask to speak to the manager. Tell him that if they don’t stop doing business with theives and goons, you’ll never buy through Skican again.
3. Just try talking with the call taker about what’s happening in Skwelkwek’welt (Sun Peaks) and say that you really can’t support that kind of violence against peaceful people just protecting their home.

For more information visit email: Organized by the Indigenous Peoples Solidarity Movement in solidarity with the Secwepemc and No One Is Illegal – Vancouver

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