Migration Analysis

Below are some articles and resources that offer a broad context and overview of migrant struggles and the global phenomenon of migration. Information on more specific issues- such as the refugee system, migrant workers, anti terror legislation- are outlined here.


Open The Borders!: Nandita Sharma interviewed by Cynthia Wright

Colonialism, Capitalism and the Making of the Apartheid System of Migration in Canada by Harsha Walia

Challenges to Sovereignty: Migration Laws for the 21st Century by Catherine Dauvergne

The Racist War on Immigrants by Stephen Lendman

Politics, Ideologies of Anti-Immigration Forces by Tom Barry

Migrants as Globalization’s Junk Mail: Return to Sender by Laura Carlsen

Policing the Third Border by Mike Davis and Alessandra Moctezuma

Detained or Disappeared in Colorlines 2003

War Frenzy by Sunera Thobani

The Migrant Trap by Leslie Radford

Targeted: Homeland Security and the Business of Immigration, interview with Deepa Fernandes

Organizing for Migrant Justice and Self Determination: Conversation with Mostafah Henaway, Nandita Sharma, Jaggi Singh, Harsha Walia, and Rafeef Ziadah.

Canada for anti-imperialists by Justin Podur

Canada Myths and Realities by Samir Hussain

New Socialist Special Issues on Canada and Empire and Racism in Canada

No One Is Illegal: Group aims for ”regularization of everyone” through solidarity, not charity by Matt Mundy

Moments of Emergence: Organizing by and with Undocumented and Non-Citizen People in Canada after September 11
by Cynthia Wright

Fighting Borders: A Roundtable on Non-Status (Im)migrant Justice in Canada in Upping the Anti Journal

Solidarity not Pity: Rethinking campaigns against deportation by steve cohen, No one is Illegal UK

The Fight for Refugee and Migrant Rights in Canada: “No One Is Illegal” Roundtable by Michelle Lowry and Peter Nyers

No One Is Illegal! by Harsha Walia

The Ciudad Juarez Declaration and the New Wave of Border Activism by Kent Paterson

Borderphobias: the politics of insecurity post-9/11 by Anthony Burke