Ten Reasons to Stop Harper’s Conservatives

We understand that the whole system is flawed. Therefore we do not simply advocate for “better” politicians or laws, and instead declare that “No One Is Illegal, the System is Illegal”. Nonetheless, the specific context of the Conservative government, who have been in power since 2006, requires us to analyze our strategies and our struggles accordingly.

We can predict that the majority Conservative government will bring more of the same based on Harper’s existing record:

1)  Around 400,000 job losses as well as deep cuts to social assistance, housing, healthcare, childcare, and education under the guise of austerity.

2)  Banks get bailed out, greedy corporations get hefty tax cuts, and CEO bonuses soar by 20%.

3)  Denial of climate change and resource extraction on Indigenous lands including the Alberta Tar Sands.

4)  Support for privatization of water, recreational services, housing, transit, and postal services.

5)  Pursuing profit-motivated free trade agreements including with Colombia and Israel.

6)  Military missions and occupations in Afghanistan, Libya, and Haiti, as well as support for Israeli apartheid.

7)  Doubling the budget for policing and prison expansion to criminalize the poor, despite decreasing crime rates.

8)  An aggressive anti-refugee campaign, including migrant detention and expansion of migrant worker programs.

9)  Attacks on organizations promoting queer/sexual liberation and cuts to women’s advocacy groups by over 40%.

10)  More corruption with convicted frauds like Bruce Carson and oil lobbyists as Harper’s top aides.

Over the next few months and years, we strongly urge our friends and allies across diverse social and environmental movements to come together to effectively organize at the grassroots against the Harper agenda.  We must build strength in attaining our vision for Indigenous self determination, environmental justice, a world free of militarization, workers rights and income equity, migrant justice, as well as gender, queer, disability, and reproductive rights.

Read more about Immigration Minister Jason Kenney’s record here and No One Is Illegal’s People v. Jason Kenney Campaign here

for every arbitrary detention, for every hour spent working in Canadian sweatshops, for all the stolen lives – we rise up. against the ongoing occupation of this land. against the racist police state. against the exploitation of displaced migrant workers. against gentrification. against imperialist domination. against dehumanization and oppression. we stand in solidarity with all struggling for a liberated world. we stand for our dignity as the poor, the displaced, the colonized. and for the Earth. raise the ground up – ignite resistance.

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