Film Screening- Dirty Pretty Things

Posted by admin on Feb 21st, 2006

“Dirty Pretty Things”

Tuesday February 21 @ 7 pm. SFU Harbour Center Room 2270. Free admission / by donation. Info: 778-552-2099

“Dirty Pretty Things”
Written by Steven Knight and Directed by Stephen Frears 2002, 97 minutes

The startling reality of the politics of immigration and the precariousness of employment for undocumented workers, particularly for young women, reaches high drama in this “political thriller” blockbuster. With its look at the undocumented working community, Dirty Pretty Things focuses fairly well on the topic. The movie occasionally goes into sensationalistic territory, but does so in a low-key, non-exploitative manner. 

“This is a film that insinuates itself deeply into our awareness. It’s that rare pulp story with something on its mind, an unnerving, socially conscious thriller with a killer sense of narrative drive.” – Los Angeles Times Kenneth Turan

“The thriller aspect of this work, happily, doesn’t overshadow its real beauty — its stark portrayal of the nightmare despair of the undocumented, hunted, on edge, prepared to risk all for a new start” – Collin Levey

“A down and dirty, honest look at the lives of two illegal immigrants on London’s streets. The story takes place exclusively among normally “invisible” migrant workers: taxi drivers, maids, porters…”

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