Emergency Action in Support of Six Nations

Posted by admin on Apr 25th, 2006

*EMERGENCY ACTION* *in Support of* *Six Nations!*

Tuesday April 25th 12:30 PM
Gather at the Vancouver Art Gallery (Georgia & Howe)


*Deterrence Rally to Prevent Another Police Invasion of Six Nations Land!*

Under the direction of the Clan Mothers at the Six Nations Territory, this action is being organized in solidarity with the Six Nations, and in support of their demands for an immediate cessation of all construction by Henco Industries on Six Nations territory and for resolution to the current standoff to be conducted on a nation-to-nation basis.

On April 20th, OPP invaded the re-occupied Six Nations territory and attempted to remove the Six Nations people from their land with brutal force. In the end, this invasion was successfully repelled, and there are now hundreds of Six Nations community members and their supporters at the

Since then, negotiations have been going on, but the situation is still urgent. The threat of another police invasion against Six Nations is imminent. We need to take immediate action to help deter any further intrusions by the police into Six Nations Territory. We need to send a strong, clear message to the Canadian government to show our support for the Six Nations and their demands for a just and peaceful resolution to the dispute over the Haldimand Tract, which clearly belongs to the Six Nations. This is an attack, not just against Six Nations, but against the rights of all indigenous people, and we must stand together against these
colonial attacks.

For More Information Contact:
778-229-1264 | 604-868-4283 | sixnationsolidarity at gmail.com

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