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Posted by admin on Dec 6th, 2007

What do you know about the largest industrial project in human history?

Come learn about the Alberta Tar Sands (“Oil Sands”) and its devastating impact on indigenous nations, the land and environment, labour rights including migrant workers, as well as its global consequences in an era of oil-dependency, the War on Terror, and an expanding corporate regime through agreements such as the Security and Prosperity Partnership Agreement and TILMA.


– Vancouver Launch of Dominion Magazine Tar Sands Special, Film Screening “Tar Sands and Water”, and presentations by Alberta-based tar sands researchers.

* Vancouver Launch of Dominion Magazine Tar Sands Special: In November 2007, the Dominion published a special issue on the Tar Sands, with extensive reporting by an array of writers, journalists, researchers, people directly affected by the Tar Sands extraction, oil workers and others to explain the far-reaching effects of Tar Sands development.

* Film: Tar Sands and Water (40 minutes, 2007): A interview-based documentary with the voices of members of those indigenous nations directly affected by tar sands development. Featuring George Poitras, a member of the Mikisew Cree First Nation; Celina Harpe, an elder in the Cree community of Fort Mackay; water expert David Schindler; and others.

* Presentation by Macdonald Stainsby: Macdonld Stainsby is coordinator of in Edmonton. He has been reporting extensively on the impacts of the oil sands, as well as working with directly affected communities, workers, and environmental groups to expose and bring to light the devastation of oil sands development.

* Presentation by Petr Cizek “Mapping the Tar Sands”. Petr Cizek is an independent environmental consultant, working primarily with First Nations communities. Petr specializes in the application of geographic information systems and 3D visualisation for mapping and modelling the cumulative impacts of mega-projects such as oil/gas fields, pipelines, mines, and hydro-electric dams.

*** Did you know that:
– The tar sands are thought to be the largest known hydrocarbon deposit yet discovered on this planet.
– The tar sand industry now produces just over 1.2 million barrels of dirty crude oil a day mostly for export to the U.S, including for U.S military operations.
– The SPP calls for a five-fold increase in tar sands production.

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