North American Perimeter Security And The Militarization Of The Northern Border

Posted by admin on Apr 27th, 2011

By Dana Gabriel, Countercurrents, Apr. 27 2011

With the release of a U.S. Congressional report that found only a small fraction of the border with Canada was being adequately monitored, there is now more focus being placed on the northern border. As a result of increased scrutiny, there are efforts to militarize and expand surveillance on the Canada-U.S. border. The new found attention is also attributed to a proposed trade and security perimeter agreement between the two countries which promotes a shared approach to border management.

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Critics Call Secret U.S.-Canada Talks “End Run Around Democracy”

Posted by admin on Feb 28th, 2011

By Paul Weinberg, IPS, Feb. 28 2011

TORONTO – The just-announced Canada-U.S. security perimetre discussions are comprehensive and potentially wide-ranging and could impact Canadian sovereignty. However, the domestic opposition appears to have been caught off-guard. It is hard to fight a deal when Ottawa and Washington are offering few details, said Vancouver-based international lawyer, author and commentator Michael Byers in a recent interview with IPS. “The people who are opposed to this are left pointing at shadows rather than anything concrete,” he noted.

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The Integration of Canada and the USA: “The Security Perimeter” Derogates National Sovereignty

Posted by admin on Feb 6th, 2011

By Dana Gabriel, Global Research, Feb. 6, 2011

Canada and the U.S. have officially launched negotiations on a trade and security agreement which would take continental integration to the next level. A declaration issued by the leaders follows months of secret preliminary talks. The deal would work towards facilitating the movement of travel and trade across the northern border. This includes pursuing a perimeter approach to security in an effort to better address common threats. The agreement sets in motion an agenda with the aim of going beyond NAFTA and further expanding on the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP), but in the context of a bilateral framework.

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New Harper/Obama Border Deal about Corporate Power – Not Security and Trade

Posted by admin on Feb 6th, 2011

By Jack Etkin, Pacific Free Press, Feb. 6 2011

The agreeement signed in Washington on Friday February 4 will put a new border – A Security Perimeter – AROUND Canada and the United States.  And it will begin the work of REMOVING the border between us in order to give Big Business more control of Canada’s resources and people.

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Potential Canada-U.S. border deal bound to be controversial

Posted by admin on Dec 15th, 2010

John Ibbetson, Globe and Mail, Dec. 15, 2010

Any agreement that Stephen Harper and Barack Obama may sign next month to move Canada and the United States toward a continental security perimeter and a more transparent border will come with tremendous political risks. Sovereignty. Security. Terrorism. Prosperity. These are loaded words to be throwing around in a federal election that could be called in March.

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