CN Sues Tyendinaga Protesters Over Blockades

Posted by admin on Mar 27th, 2009

By KIRK MAKIN, JUSTICE REPORTER; March 27, 2009 – Globe & Mail

In an aggressive response to a series of train-track blockades in 2007, Canadian National Railways is suing three aboriginal activists for disrupting its flow of business. CN alleges the blockades intimidated employees, dislocated the flow of rail traffic, precipitated layoffs and caused “significant economic damages due to compounded delays in delivery of bulk commodities and goods.” However, an aboriginal leader targeted in the lawsuit, Shawn Brant, said yesterday that CN is naive to believe heavy-handed legal action will deter activists from protesting its role in wrongfully expropriating and exploiting aboriginal land.

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Mohawk residents file $74M lawsuit against band council, owner of operation

Posted by admin on Dec 18th, 2008

Belleville Intelligencer, December 16 2008

TYENDINAGA TERRITORY — A group of residents, fed-up with what they charge is an “illegal” quarry and asphalt plant here, have launched a $74-million lawsuit against the Mohawk band council, varying levels of government and the owner of the operation, The Intelligencer has learned. In a 40-page statement of claim filed in Belleville court last week, a group claiming to represent the majority of those living on the Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory alleges both projects “are extremely detrimental to the environment and to human life and habitat on the Mohawk Territory. The environment and human life and habitat are being irreparably harmed by these projects.”
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Shawn Brant receives conditional sentence

Posted by admin on Sep 29th, 2008

Mainstream News article follows Tyendinaga Support Committee Statement

CROWN BUYS FANTINO’S SILENCE WITH BRANT’S FREEDOM- Statement from the Tyendinaga Support Committee: Today, in a Belleville court, a conviction for three counts of mischief was entered against Mohawk spokesperson Shawn Brant for his role in the CN rail line and Highway 401 blockades which took place in April and June, 2007. Brant has been ordered to stay on the Tyendinaga reserve for three months and to be on probation for one year. Originally, the Crown had been asking for 12 years in jail for Brant. While Shawn Brant will face no more jail time for the blockades and will not go to trial, there are still 16 people from the Tyendinaga facing criminal charges for defending their community.

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Fire OPP commissioner over threats to Tyendinaga protester

Posted by admin on Jul 21st, 2008

Lee Greenberg, The Ottawa Citizen. Published: Monday, July 21, 2008

Ontario Provincial Police Commissioner Julian Fantino should resign after making “threatening, inflammatory” comments to a native leader during a standoff last summer, according to the provincial NDP. Peter Kormos, a Southern Ontario MPP and a frequent critic of Mr. Fantino, says the province’s top cop was contravening the spirit of the Ipperwash report when he threatened activist Shawn Brant last summer by saying he would do “everything I can within your community and everywhere else to destroy your reputation.” “He’s crossed the line once again,” Mr. Kormos said Monday in an interview. “And this time, with his bombastic Rambo rhetoric he has gone too far.” The comments come from telephone conversations between the two men in June 2007, when Mr. Brant led a blockade of Highway 401 and rail line near the Eastern Ontario town of Deseronto.

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Shawn Brant Released from Custody

Posted by admin on Jun 30th, 2008

After 62 days in jail, Shawn Brant has finally been released from custody!  Shawn was being held on trumped up charges alleging he had assaulted a white local businessman during recent road blockades aimed at stopping a development planned on stolen Mohawk land. The blockades succeeded inconvincing the developer to back off. Charges arose when eager OPP officers learned that Shawn had challenged two racist locals (the LaLondes) when they attacked a small group of mainly Mohawk women and children.  LaLonde flew into a rage when he was turned back at the roadblock, wielding a bat at protesters, and hitting a woman with his car. Although Mohawks called 911 the police never laid any charges against Lalonde.

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