Sutikalh- Take Action to Stop Resort License

Posted by admin on Jul 18th, 2005


There has been much pressure in the past week by the Stat’imc Nation to block the license extension at Cayoosh. In a recent update from Sutikalh camp, Rosalin Sam has requested supporters to contact the Environmental Assessment Office regarding the extension of a building certificate that was issued to Al Raine and Nancy Green-Raine to build Cayoosh Ski Resort in Melvin Creek in August 2000. The resort developers are being forced to apply for an extension since building has been substantially “behind schedule” due to the growing pressure against the resort and increasing support for the five-year camp at Sutikalh. The granting of this extension is dependent on another full Environmental Assessment of the development.

John Bones, the Environmental Assessment Officer, has specifically mentioned that he is waiting for more input about the resort from concerned community members. Although we realize that letter-writing campaigns are frequently viewed as being unsuccessful or that they do not make much of a difference, in this case, it is likely that such a campaign (coupled with the strength and conviction of the Sutikalh Camp) will have a significant impact on the Environmental Assessment. We strongly urge people to take a minute to send a letter or fax (email is the least preferred method) to John Bones stating your opposition to the Cayoosh SkiResort.

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Sutikalh- 5 year anniversary

Posted by admin on Apr 29th, 2005

To all supporters;

This is a notice to inform you that our anniversary for this year is on April 30th and May 1st, at Sutikalh.  On April 30th, 2005 is a drop in day for all to come and enjoy the fresh air. On May 1st, 2005 is a planned day with a ceremony at 10:00 am, and at noon will be lunch followed by speeches of attending elders, chiefs, and open to supporters who would like to share with us, and Drumming and singing.

Thank you, Rosalin Sam, Lil’watool of the St’at’imc territory

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