List of native conflicts grows as six protesters arrested at Pembroke gravel quarry

Posted by admin on May 22nd, 2009

By Brendan Kennedy, The Ottawa Citizen; with files from The Montreal Gazette. May 22, 2009
The arrest Wednesday of six First Nations protesters near Pembroke could be a part of what is shaping up to be a summer of discontent among Ontario natives frustrated over a growing list of outstanding issues. The protesters, led by Grant Tysick, chief of the Kinounchepirini Algonquin, were arrested in the early morning after a 34-hour blockade of a gravel quarry west of Pembroke. The blockade at Eastway Developments on Henan Road was broken up by Upper Ottawa Valley OPP officers and members of the OPP’s Emergency Response Team around 5:30 a.m. Wednesday. The men were arrested without incident and there were no physical confrontations of any kind, police said.

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Things heating up in Six Nations again

Posted by admin on Jul 16th, 2008

‘They don’t understand what they’re in for,’ native says. Protester arrested at northwest construction site. Brantford Expositor

Six Nations protesters promised a full-fledged land occupation in Brantford following the arrest of a native protester by city police on Monday. “They’re going to have one hell of a fight now,” said Steve Powless, who spoke on behalf of the protesters. “This is going to be Caledonia Part 2. They don’t understand what they’re in for.”

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Six Nations Defendant in Solidarity with other First Nations

Posted by admin on Apr 30th, 2008

My name is Skyler Williams. I am a Mohawk, Wolf, from Six Nations of The Grand River Territory. I am speaking on behalf of myself and several others that have been charged with criminal offences in connection with defending our land rights at Six Nations.  We have instructed our lawyer today not to proceed with our legal defence, so long as police have guns turned on our brothers and sisters in Tyendinaga. Over the past months, Canada’s efforts to criminalize those of us who are standing up for our land rights has reached epic proportions. The message is clear: participate in negotiations that go nowhere as our lands are developed and destroyed – or go to jail.

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Urgent Update from Six Nations

Posted by admin on Apr 3rd, 2008

Trevor Miller was one of our Mohawk men arrested for the CH incident over a year ago. For months he was held without bail at barton st jail in hamilton. In February 2007 he was released after pleading guilty to some of the charges. A few days ago he was crossing into the United States with his wife. He was then arrested by US customs for the theft of a US BORDER PATROL vehicle in Caledonia in June of 2006. He is being transported from Wisconsin to Buffalo NY. He will be making an appearance in Buffalo court on Monday April 7th, 2008. More to follow.

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Arson Against Six Nations Reclamation Site

Posted by admin on Nov 7th, 2007

CALEDONIA November 7, 2007 Community Friends spokesperson Jan Watson condemned the arson attack which destroyed the gate house at Kanonhstaton and a painting donated to the reclamation site by Six Nations artist Arnold Jacobs on Monday, November 5. Despite the best efforts of Watson and the Community Friends group, attempts to secure statements condemning the arson have been rejected by elected at all levels of government. The mayors office has refused to return phone calls, while Toby Barrett MPP has refused to make a statement altogether. Councillor Craig Grice similarly refused to make make such a statement unless the band council and confederacy would make the statement with him.

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