Canada and Israel to co-operate on public safety

Posted by admin on Mar 24th, 2008

By Bal Brach. Published: Sunday, March 23, 2008 OTTAWA — Canada has officially declared a partnership with Israel on issues of public safety, according to an agreement of intent signed Sunday in Israel.  Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day met with the Avi Dicter, Israel’s Minister of Public Security on a visit to the country during Easter weekend.  Although no details of a timeline or meetings was announced, a statement issued by Day’s office said the declaration seeks to establish a more “structured framework” for work in areas such as organized crime, emergency management, and crime prevention.

The partnership outlines an intent to share information on the basis of threats and safety concerns, as well as exchanging knowledge through training and educational exercises, with the costs of these programs shared by each country.

“The government of Canada is committed to enhancing the security of Canadians — both through our actions at home and with our international partners,” said Day.

“Today’s declaration demonstrates long-standing cooperation between Canada and Israel on public safety issues, and we welcome this increased cooperation in order to improve our countries’ capacity to protect our citizens.”

“The declaration of intent is an opportunity for Canada and Israel to strengthen their commitment to safeguarding their citizens and respective national interests from common threats,” said Dicter.

Terrorist financing, money laundering, illegal immigration, and human trafficking are among some of the priorities of the declaration. Border management and security issues will also be analyzed.

Although the ministers plan to meet annually to discuss progress, the declaration is not intended to create legally binding obligations.

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