Akwesasne Mohawks protest armed border guards

Posted by admin on May 2nd, 2009

03.05.2009 – Mohawk Nation News

MNN. May 2, 2009. The behind the scenes dictators are slowly tightening the screws. A boa constrictor starts by wrapping itself around you, gradually starts to constrict, tightens almost without notice and then strangles you until you’re dead. The plan is to hypnotize us into accepting this death hold without resisting. For the next month Mohawks of Akwesasne will be protesting colonial Canadian border guards arming themselves with Beretta 9 mm handguns in the middle of our community. They hope to start on June 1. Akwesasne is on both sides of the foreign Canada-U.S. border and home to the whole community regardless of this “imaginary line”. We never gave our consent for these carpet baggers to carry weapons in our midst to protect their illegal extortion business. Their actions constitute a violation of our law and international law.

All three band and tribal councils set up by Canada and the U.S. took part in the rally, the Mohawk Council of Akwesasne (MCA), the St. Regis Mohawk Tribe and the Mohawk Nation Council of Chiefs.

Chris Kealey of the Canada Border Services Agency said the guards are being armed “for the protection of our officers because … they are left vulnerable”. To what? The number of attacks against Mohawks has been drastically increasing. Defensive conflicts by the Mohawks has always been infrequent.

Kanatakon (St. Regis, Que.) District Chief Larry King believes the incidents between the CBSA and members of Akwesasne are “too few and far between” to justify the weapons.

We know we have to stop at the border. Kimberly Jacobs of Cornwall Island said: “Some of the border guards are respectful, while others are intimidating.” Her friend, who crosses at least once a day, has been pulled over six times in the last month for random inspection. A woman was strip searched by border officers without a good reason. Without guns they can already isolate us, lock us up, hold us for hours for no reason and almost kill us. They accuse us of just about everything including “suspecting” us of having drugs, guns and whatever. It’s scary when they take us to the back of the shed. With guns, these power hungry anti-Mohawk lunatics will have unquestioned power to intimidate, strip search and falsely charge us. After investigations most of the bogus CBSA complaints against us are dropped.

The Akwesasne situation is being hyped up to justify arming their border guards across Canada. With guns they can more easily intimidate and threaten anyone, especially Indigenous they greatly dislike. Racial slurs by guards are common.

“We don’t feel it creates a safer environment, putting guns in their hands,” said Cornwall Island (Kawehnoke) District Chief Wesley Benedict.

A letter was sent to Prime Minister Stephen Harper to have meetings with Public Safety Minister Peter Van Loan and his predecessor Stockwell Day over a year ago. There has been no response. We hear that the European settler experience at the border is completely different. They are often waved through without harassment.

Threatening, beating and jailing people are becoming common in the U.S. It’s meant to create a climate of intimidation, fear and violence. It looks like Canada doesn’t want to be distinct from the U.S. anymore. The police want authority over people through force and threats. Why are guns essential for the corportatist agents? For hundreds of years British Bobbies never had guns. The crime rate was low. When they armed, crimes and dangerous situations escalated. The level of fear was raised in both the police and the public. The cops were no longer part of society and started to operate under their own rules.

To condition people to be controlled by a police state, everyone has to be harassed constantly. The cops have powers to do anything they want with impunity. They divide people against each other.

Democracy and freedom are slowly disappearing. Few appear to be fighting back. Many are fighting each other. It took the Germans about 15 years to produce the police state, to condition people to accept totalitarian rule, to be subdued and to have their spirit broken.

In the past there were two opposing forces at work, democracy against totalitarianism. Today there is only one ideology, the new world order of money, power and authority over everybody by a few.

The plan is to take over the human race, eliminate the weak and put a few rich masters in control. The melt down of the world economy is giving them the opportunity to carry out their agenda.

Politics, military, business, educational, professionals and governing institutions have been taken over systematically piece by piece. It is being done subtly through propaganda, books, entertainment, education, enticements and rewards until everybody is sucked in. The disease goes inward. People feel afraid, like we are being cornered and will soon be eliminated. We don’t know what to do. We become defensive. We don’t trust anybody. We think everybody is part of this conspiracy. Children are asked to spy and report on their parents. Everybody is grasping at anything to find a way out.

As Louis Karonhiatajeh Hall warned that when we experience these strange occurrences, “Don’t get pulled into it”. Don’t go to fortune tellers and seers. The elite want us to be pulled into this bottomless abyss and to be directed to unseen esoteric waters. They deceptively call themselves ordained global guardians. They deliberately try to confuse us. Now they want the susceptible, the messed up and the strong minds to be labeled according to their red, green and amber new world order categories to be dealt with accordingly. We have to look at everything with an analytical and questioning mind according to the philosophy of the Indigenous people. Indigenous, U.S. and Canadian people – everybody knows that guns at the border are bad!

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