Inheriting Resistance: A Community History Project

No One Is Illegal Vancouver Coast Salish Territories is humbled and excited to announce our latest project titled “Inheriting Resistance”.

Excerpts of interviews now being released!

  1. Interview with Jean Swanson
  2. Interview with Sid Chow Tan
  3. Interview with Hanna Kawas
  4. Interview with Chin Banerjee
  5. Interview with Lily Shinde
  6. Interview with Mordecai Briemberg


“Inheriting Resistance” came about in light of the recent passing of beloved elders and community members Phillipa Ryan and Hari Sharma. Their life and work has taught and inspired many of us in the NOII collective, as well as many individuals within the broader community.  We are reminded of the stories and lessons which remain to be shared and learned from in order to create a meaningful intergenerational movement.

Over the next year, NOII will be documenting the untold stories of people in our communities who have been involved in and who have shaped a diversity of social justice struggles on unceded Coast Salish Territories over the past 20-40 years. We will be interviewing 10-12 people and will be posting shorter, edited videos and transcripts of interviews throughout the year. In 2012, we will be launching a booklet with compiled archival material as well as the full-length video interviews.

Some of the questions we will be asking include:
– Who or what inspired you to get involved?
– What kept you involved and going especially during hard times?
– What advice would you give those activists who are organizing today?
– What is the most successful campaign or movement you have known in terms of building community power and affecting change?
– Tell us about love.

The project is based on a deep desire held by many of us as young activists to learn more about the history of our movements (anti-war, anti-poverty, anti-racist, Indigenous, labour, queer, anti-imperialist, feminist and migrant justice) and to directly learn from those people who have paved the path of resistance for our generations. We acknowledge that this project is one small part of centering the perspective and wisdom of older activists, organizers, and revolutionaries, and that unfortunately we will be unable to interview as many people as we would like to.

We are committed to honouring the legacy of those who have struggled before us – and in many cases, who still continue to struggle alongside us – for social, economic, political, and environmental justice.  Together, we envision a humanity where everyone has the right to sustenance and the ability to provide it, where we are free of oppression, and are able to live meaningfully in relationship to one another and in reverence for Mother Earth that sustains us.

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