Greek match delayed as players stage sit-down protest over migrant deaths

Posted by admin on Feb 4th, 2016

  • All 22 players sit in silence before AEL Larissa versus Acharnaikos
  • Club attacks ‘brutal indifference of EU and Turkey’ to refugee crisis


A Greek second-tier league match was delayed on Friday when players staged a sit-down protest against the death toll of migrants trying to reach the Aegean islands.

The gesture of solidarity took place before the game between AEL Larissa and Acharnaikos in the Thessalian city of Larissa.

As the match kicked off all 22 players plus coaches and substitutes sat in silence for two minutes in a show of respect to the hundreds of refugees who have lost their lives trying to escape conflict or persecution in countries such as Syria and Iraq.

An announcement over the club’s PA system stated: “The administration of AEL, the coaches and the players will observe two minutes of silence just after the start of the match in memory of the hundreds of children who continue to lose their lives every day in the Aegean due to the brutal indifference of the EU and Turkey.
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Why Migration Should Be Central to Paris COP21 Climate Talks

Posted by admin on Nov 30th, 2015

By: Harsha Walia

Climate refugees and displaced peoples bear the brunt of environmental violence.

“We live in constant fear of the adverse impacts of climate change. For a coral atoll nation, sea level rise and more severe weather events loom as a growing threat to our entire population. The threat is real and serious, and is of no difference to a slow and insidious form of terrorism against us.” – Prime Minister of Tuvalu Saufatu Sapo’aga at the United Nations

In the aftermath of the Paris attacks, world leaders are closing their borders to refugees and cracking down on civil society participation in the upcoming climate negotiations. Over the past 15 years, the War on Terror has allowed for increased state powers while curbing fundamental rights, especially of racialized bodies marked as threats. Meanwhile, violence against the majority of humanity – including the devastation caused by climate change in places like Tuvalu – continues on with international impunity.

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Babies behind bars and other news and updates

Posted by admin on Jun 28th, 2015


It’s official – second class citizenship goes into effect

Last Friday, part of Bill C-24 went into effect, officially creating a two-tier citizenship system. As a result of this new law, dual citizens and people who have immigrated to Canada can have their citizenship taken away while other Canadians cannot. The government’s press release last week tried to justify this discriminatory law by raising the threat of “jihadi terrorism,” but Bill C-24 could easily be used against non-terrorists—for example, a journalist who is convicted of a “terrorism offence” in another country for reporting on human rights violations by the government.

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Hundreds make final bids to stay in Canada after deportation hold lifted

Mr. Lafleur is one of 3,500 people in Canada – 3,200 Haitians and 300 Zimbabweans – who were affected when the federal government lifted a hold on deportations to their home countries in December, deeming the situation in Haiti and Zimbabwe to be stable. Those without status were given six months to apply for residency on humanitarian and compassionate grounds.

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New Tory legislation will force deportation of foreign criminals and strip them of refugee protection

The government’s plans is to change several acts to make it easier and faster to remove non-Canadian criminals out of Canada, including some who have already been accorded refugee protection and permanent residency status, he said.

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Migrant Justice News

Posted by admin on Feb 16th, 2015

VIDEO: “Guantánamo of the Pacific”: Australian Asylum Seekers Wage Hunger Strike at Offshore Detention Site

A massive hunger strike is underway at what some are calling “the Guantánamo Bay of the Pacific.” TSome have barricaded themselves behind the detention center’s high wire fences; others have resorted to increasingly drastic measures such as drinking washing detergent, swallowing razor blades, and even sewing their mouths shut to protest their confinement.

Watch Democracy Now video here:

Are you already violating the feds’ new anti-terror bill?

Harper introduced Bill C-51, a sweeping piece of legislation that covers everything from what you’re allowed to say and write to who can board a plane, what happens to your tax information and how long you can be detained without charge.

My call from a former hunger striker inside the Lindsay Superjail

In recent months I’ve been receiving collect calls from a man who’s being held at the Central East Correctional Centre, also known as the Lindsay Superjail. He’s one of about 200 immigration detainees who began hunger strikes at the jail in September 2013 to protest lengthy detentions and seemingly endless immigration hearings. More than a year later, many of them are still in a maximum-security purgatory that sounds like hell on earth.

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Migrant Justice News

Posted by admin on Jan 22nd, 2015

1) Video: Comedian’s take on immigrants stealing jobs in Canada

2) Video: Migrant baby Alpha born in jail, still there

3) A bad year for Canadian citizenship “The reform has made it possible for citizenship to be withdrawn at the whim of politicians. In the year to come, it will become clear which citizens will be targeted for removal and who will be extended the privilege to belong.”. Read more:

4) Border Services ramping up arrests, advocates say “Nearly 600 people in the Pacific region were removed between April and November. Community groups who work with undocumented migrants are reporting an increase in arrests of workers by the Canada Border Services Agency in recent months.” Read more

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Join the Mexican community of Vancouver in a rally to denounce the Mexican government of state crimes and crimes against humanity

Posted by admin on Nov 19th, 2014

The Mexican community of Vancouver, along with organizations including Mexicans Living in Vancouver, Jornadas de Salud, the BC Teachers’ Federation, Initiative for Democratic Education in the Americas (IDEA) and students of the Canadian College are organizing a demonstration to denounce the Mexican government and demand the safe return of 43 rural students who went missing at the hands of police last September.

WHEN: From 5 p.m. on November 20, 2014

WHERE: The groups plan to rally on the steps of the Vancouver Art Gallery before marching to the Mexican Consulate at 411-1177 West Hastings St. Attendees are asked to wear black and to bring candles or glow sticks.

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Remove Mexico from the refugee list of safe countries

Posted by admin on Nov 17th, 2014

(en español abajo)

The Canadian government considers Mexico, its North American Free Trade Agreement partner, a safe country for refugees.

Since the 2012 Refugee Exclusion Act, Mexico and forty other countries have been placed on the “Designated Countries of Origin” list. Refugee claimants from these countries face a different legal system: they have fewer rights and the timelines for their claims are shorter. This enables Canada to fast-tracks deportations to these countries.

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Racism, Empire and Resistance

Posted by admin on Oct 30th, 2014

Join us for a panel and community gathering to discuss the aftermath of the Ottawa shooting.

6:30-8:30 PM
YWCA 733 Beatty St (one block from Stadium Skytrain station)
Vancouver, Unceded Coast Salish Territories

With Muslim, South Asian, Arab and Kurdish speakers and performers:

  • Itrath Syed studies and teaches on moral panics and Muslim bodies in the West. She is also involved with the local antiwar movement and in resisting the erosion of civil rights and the racial profiling of the Muslim, Arab and South Asian communities in Canada.
  • Jahanzeb Hussain writes on South Asian politics and the impacts of the War on Terror in the region. He has worked with Newsline, Pakistan’s premier English language current affairs publication, and is also an editor of Ricochet.
  • Sozan Savehilaghi comes from a family of Kurdish guerilla fighters. She is engaged in migrant justice, antiracist, and anticapitalist activism, and is a collective member of No One Is Illegal on Coast Salish territories.
  • Razan is a Palestinian and Syrian musician and performer. They are still learning what it means to live as a settler on the stolen lands of the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh peoples.
  • Hosted by Hasan Alam of No One Is Illegal Vancouver – Coast Salish Territories.


We are witnessing an escalation in Islamophobia with racist and fear-mongering media tropes all over mainstream and social media, as well as a number of reported hate crimes targeting mosques. At the same time, Harper has promised new legislation to curtail civil liberties and is sending troops into Northern Iraq under the guise of fighting ISIS as part of the War on Terror that has brutalized people through military occupation and drone attacks for thirteen years. As recent media attention focuses on the West’s saviour crusading against ISIS, we stand in solidarity with Kurdish communities in Kobane and elsewhere in the region who have been fighting for decades against domination on all fronts.

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Vancouver Latin American Film Festival Film: Who is Dayani Cristal?

Posted by admin on Aug 16th, 2014

Aug 31 6:30 pm

The Cinematheque (CIN)
1131 Howe Street (between Helmcken and Davie)

Stop by the NOII table when you go to see the film.

Denuncia Pública Al Gobierno Mexicano Ante El Tribunal Permanente De Los Pueblos

Posted by admin on Aug 8th, 2014

Convocatoria respaldada por No One is Illegal Vancouver e impulsada por Legacy of Equality, Leadership and Organizing (LELO), además de organizaciones comunitarias en Oregon y el Estado de Washigton (listadas al final del texto), cuya acción se celebrará los días 13 y 14 de septiembre en Seattle, Washington.

¿Eres mexicanx, migrante, refugiado, trabajador temporal, uno de los millones de sobrevivientes de la eterna crisis económica-social de México que tuvo que dejarlo TODO para venir a Canadá en busca de una vida segura, libre, en paz?

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