Day of Action in solidarity with Mohamed Cherfi

Posted by admin on Apr 4th, 2004


We have just learned that Citizenship and Immigration Minister Judy Sgro will be in Vancouver for a signing ceremony. What agreement is being signed is unclear, but we are clear that we will be present to to denounce Canada’s war on immigrants, refugees and non-status peoples, and its role in an apartheid system that systematically denies decent living conditions and basic rights.

GATHER APRIL 5 10:30 AM, at Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue, 580 West Hastings Street

Mohamed Cherfi’s next hearing in the US is on April 7th. We have to continue to pressure the government to make sure he is not deported from the US and returned safely home to Canada. We must win!

At the last highly effective rally in Vancouver on Friday March 26th,police demonstrated excessive force upon one immigrant activist. Upon the demand of CIC security, police encircled him within seconds and he was arrested on a charge of trespass despite the fact that the group was never collectively asked to leave the premises. Given the resounding resistance of all those gathered in the CIC lobby and by-standers, the police dropped the charge and released him within half an hour. It is becoming clear that CIC is resorting to obvious intimidation tactics given the increasing support for Mohamed Cherfi and refugee rights in general.

WE WILL BE BACK! At the next rally on April 5th, we have to ensure an even stronger presence at CIC in support of Mohamed Cherfi. Bring pots/pans/megaphones.

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